Submitted by Brad Tombaugh on 28 February 2013 - 11:11pm

The kids pointed out to me that I'd left out a couple of family members.

This page used to be titled Beagles but we've added a miniature Dachshund in 2006...

When we first got Hershey she just wanted to play doggie wrestling with Oreo, our older Beagle!

Now that she's a bit older, she is more content to curl up on the couch with Oreo!

Nestle, our Dachshund, fits right in with the Beagles... All couch potatoes!

Hershey passed away this past summer from liver failure... She was a good dog, and we still miss her every day...

We've since added a Japanese Chin named "Bonsai!" I'll have to get some pictures from Missy to upload.